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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Finding time to reconnect

To say this year has been stressful and less than normal would be a complete under statement.  Having pushed aside all my art to work from home in my studio meant it was not a space that I wanted to be in during my non-working hours.  I had to find a new balance some how, so I decided that I needed to move everything around within my space and reorganize it all so the work "stuff" was just a small part of the space and not the center of the space.  So, I started a new job and thought it was the perfect time to change things up all over....I added a standing architects table to the corner of my studio and relocated all the work electronics there and off my standing studio table.  Now the center of my room is not work space, but back to being art space!

Slowly over the course of the last few weeks I have gotten back into creating in my space.  Physically putting my back to the two work monitors and laptop and allowing the painting, color, and playing to take center stage again.  It feels good.  I don't have room for my lightbox to take good photos, so I'll have to figure something out for that, but for now...I'll make due with phone images and letting the creative side of my brain take over and just PLAY again!!

I decided to play along with the Creative Embellishments November challenge.  The challenge is to be inspired by this image and create something...the twist is to add a quote.

For my project I decided that since I had just gotten a new travelers journal to start with my recent Lets Make Art Journaling box  would make some cover art for it.  I started with the Wooden doily chipboard piece from Creative Embellishments.  I used it as a stencil on the front; spraying four colors inspired by the image onto the page.  I then printed my quote onto white cardstock and used the same sprays to color it to match the journal.  I then added the wonderful Dandelion shape that I painted white as a play on the word "wish" in the quote.  This chipboard selection is also inspired by the image as things are flowing in the breeze.

To finish off my cover I added some gems to the doily piece and some doodling around certain places to highlight things.

here is a closeup...isn't that dandelion amazing...

I have been practicing my watercoloring every other day and took some need felting to play with on Thanksgiving.  I think the change to my space is working as I haven't created in months and it feels good...

Happy crating.....Lynda

Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Watercoloring is relaxing!!

So for my birthday last year I asked for only one thing...a subscription to the Lets Make Art box.  It delivers to your door four watercolor projects, complete with paint, paper, and instructions.  There are weekly paint alongs and full tutorials for each project.  I considered this the gift that would keep on giving as I would have no excuse not to paint since I would have everything I needed without having to step foot out of the house....

I shared two of my projects on this blog post...along with the paintings my daughters did with me. 

Since then I have painted this fun tree branch...I think I'm going to redo it with more fall leaf colors:

And then this weekend I worked on this piece...

I have to say that I adore Sarah's teaching style.  She's super zany and cookey, so she's perfect for me to learn from.  She constantly reminds you it's just paint and paper...don't worry.  The world needs more Sarah type influence...

I am super excited to start incorporating watercoloring into more of my projects.  I think it would be awesome to watercolor through a stencil....

If you have a chance...check out Sarah's site and take a peek at her tutorials...I think you will be inspired just like I was...

Happy crafting...Lynda

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Canvas for the cat lovers in your life

I have to admit that I have ignored my blog for a bit.  The sudden sale and dismissal of the design team for Canvas Corp left me feeling a bit off balance.  I had passed on a few other teams so I could focus on creating projects that showcased their products exclusively.  I've taken some time away to work on my watercoloring skills and to just reflect on what I wanted to do next with my art.

I've been volunteering with our local cat rescue non-profit organization since our fires here in October of 2017 and I was able to put to use the skills I learned from them to assist in tracking and finally tracking a cat that had been missing for almost three weeks.  Gato the Great has been on of my proudest accomplishments; from patterning his behavior; learning about him, to having him spotted and eventually trapping him.  This past Thursday his Dad finally was able to come pick him up; reunited with his boy after almost five weeks apart.

I created this canvas as a tribute to the amazing cat and animal rescue friends that I have made in the past year and a half.  I am blessed to be part of this amazing community and could not image a more selfless group of individuals that I can truly call my friends.

This cute canvas panel is a tribute to all those that help.  It features a digital image that I printed onto watercolor paper.  I then used Gelatos to paint the colors.  I love love love how gelatos blend and can create such great depth of color.  I added some white gouache accents.  I then printed the sentiment onto the same paper and added it to the canvas using Mod Podge.  I then outlined and added some doodle lines to the sentiment.  I then used Mod Podge to seal the canvas.  This will proudly sit on my desk at work!

So thanks to this cute project I feel like I'm back in my groove.  

Happy crafting....Lynda

Thursday, May 09, 2019

One more card for the coffee lovers!

It's time!!!  Love when the Coffee Lover's Blog Hop happens...having lived in Seattle for almost 18 years.....I have a good collection of coffee themed I love to participate in this hop!!  So...welcome to my possible last card for the Spring/Summer Coffee Lover's Blog Hop!

For this card I used this cute freebie that was given away by Mommy Lhey:

She was printed onto watercolor paper.  I then used Prima Watercolors to give her some dimension and add the fun abstract background.  I think she's fabulous and perfect for a Thank you card with a starbucks card for a friend that has been so nice.

Happy crafting...Lynda

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Card number four!

It's time!!!  Love when the Coffee Lover's Blog Hop happens...having lived in Seattle for almost 18 years.....I have a good collection of coffee themed I love to participate in this hop!!  So...welcome to my fourth card for the Spring/Summer Coffee Lover's Blog Hop!

Here is another card using a printable.  This is printed onto watercolor cardstock; then watercolored.  I then backed the image with black cardstock and then mounted it onto the cardbase.

I am loving all these coffee printables...make card making so much fun when you can combine them with watercoloring!

Happy crafting...Lynda

Third card

It's time!!!  Love when the Coffee Lover's Blog Hop happens...having lived in Seattle for almost 18 years.....I have a good collection of coffee themed I love to participate in this hop!!  So...welcome to my second card for the Spring/Summer Coffee Lover's Blog Hop!

For this card I also used this fun printable and printed it onto watercolor paper.  I then added it to this fabulous cardbase that had this awesome pattern

I hope you'll pull out your coffee things and join the fun!!

Happy Crafting....Lynda

Mama needs coffee

It's time!!!  Love when the Coffee Lover's Blog Hop happens...having lived in Seattle for almost 18 years.....I have a good collection of coffee themed I love to participate in this hop!!  So...welcome to my second card for the Spring/Summer Coffee Lover's Blog Hop!

For this card I used a free printable to create this fun card.  I tucked a Starbucks gift card inside and am giving it to a friend for Mother's Day!

I hope you will pull out your coffee themed items and join in the fun!  I've got a few more cards in the works...

Happy crafting...Lynda

Sunday, May 05, 2019

2019 Spring Summer Coffee Lovers Blog Hop

It's time!!!  Love when the Coffee Lover's Blog Hop happens...having lived in Seattle for almost 18 years.....I have a good collection of coffee themed I love to participate in this hop!!  So...welcome to my first card for the Spring/Summer Coffee Lover's Blog Hop!

I've been watercoloring a lot lately and enjoying the feel of imperfection that can come from using this medium.  For my first card I stamped the images from the Warmth of Winter Unity KOTM 12/14 onto watercolor paper using Versafine black ink.  I then used Prima Pan Watercolors to color her in.  I just love this image and have used it a lot for cooler weather greeting cards and projects.

I then trimmed the image and rounded the corners.  I then inked the edges and added some glossy accents to the heart on her cup.  I then rounded the corners on the pattern paper and added it to the card base; rounding the corners on it as well. 

Since tomorrow is Monday....this sentiment is very true...Caffeine is a girl's best friend...

I hope you will pull out your coffee themed items and join in the fun!  I've got a few more cards in the works...

Happy crafting...Lynda

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Watercolor practice

So for my birthday I asked for a subscription to a monthly watercolor kit.  This kit is delivered each month and contains 4 paint along packages; which include paper, paint, and the outline for each project.  Each week there is a paint along night and step by step tutorial videos that go along with each package.    The idea for me was it was a dedicated night to paint; which was then replaced with swim practice, choir concerts, art classes across sum it schedules have gotten in the way.  Well I finally started playing...

Well I've been practicing and the girls and I painted the fall island together:

I think we did amazingly well considering this was our first attempt.  We used cutting mats from the kitchen as boards for our paper to be taped to and were able to watch the tutorial from the Youtube video on the large tv in the living room; which made it super fun!

This was my second robin painting and I think I am finally starting to get the hang of it.  I of course see all the things I would and should do differently next time, but that is what art's an expression and takes practice. 

So I'll be rinsing out my brushes and practicing a bit more this weekend...good clean watercolor fun.

Happy crafting....Lynda

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Beautiful life canvas

Recent events within the crafting industry have made me do a lot of soul searching for what my true purpose is for creating and sharing.  I feel best when I use art to express myself.  I love being inky and painty and just get messy.  Being creative is a great stress reliever for me and since my job is very analytical (finance), being artistic exercises the other half of my brain and allows me to be a bit "illogical" for a while; which is a good thing.  I love being able to invoke feelings and emotions with colors and images.  I love finding new ways to incorporate things I have in my stash into projects in unusual and unexpected ways.  The idea of being able to share a project to teach others that creating beautiful things is as easy as following steps makes me happy.

This canvas is a prime example of just those things...paying homage to the start of spring and blending techniques together to create something that I adore.

I started with a small canvas from the Artists Loft line by Michaels.  I picked coordinating papers by designer Aga Baraniak; from her Bohemian Romance line; using paper from the 8x8 paper pack and the Mixed Media Pack.  I decided to make my flower from this wonderful journal paper in the paper pack.  I cut out a single leaf and then used it as a pattern to cut the remaining petals.  I inked the edges of each petal and set them aside.

I picked a piece of green from the mixed media pack and cut out leaves for the flower stem.  I then used a stylus to etch in veins on each leaf.

I then picked out the base papers for the canvas.  I trimmed them to the size of the canvas and used Mod Podge to adhere them to the canvas.  I then set it aside to dry.

I loved the rough edge on the brown paper I used on the bottom and left the edges that rough around the entire canvas.

I used blue watercolor paint to change the top piece from white to a sky blue color.  Using white paint, I started to add some extra details to the solid colors.  I like to use bubble wrap to add fun circles to my projects. 

I found this fun piece of cutout paper in the Mixed Media pack and thought it would make a fun stencil.  Using the same white paint I added some of these rose images to the canvas for extra details.

I really like the image left behind using this as a stencil:

I cute a long piece of jute and wound it into a circle.  I then added it to the flower center using Mod Podge.

I love how much this jute adds to the flower...  I then used a black marker to add little details along the stem and other places on the canvas for some character.  Once all the details are just so, cover the entire surface with another layer of Mod Podge to seal it in.

The title is cut from the top piece from a single sheet of the Compose your Life Beautiful Life paper by Aga Baraniak.  I added it to the canvas using Mod Podge, drawing some lines around each cut out piece and then sealing the surface with a final coat of Mod Podge.

I adore this canvas; from the rough texture of the brown paper at the base that looks like dirt, to the veins I added to the leaves and the little scraggly bits of jute extending from the flower center..  It makes me so happy to look out into my garden and see the colors of Spring popping out all over and this canvas reminds me of that.

Happy springtime crafting.....Lynda

Friday, March 29, 2019

Bohemian cottage

So I am excited to share with you today this awesome project I made using this adorable little Maya Road cottage I had in my stash and some amazing papers from the Bohemian Romance line from Canvas Corp.  I knew straight away when I opened the Mixed Media Pack from the Bohemian Romance line that I had to use some of the paper to make a home decor piece. 
Products used for the bohemian romance cottage:
Canvas Corp Bohemian Romance Mixed Media Pack
Tattered Angels High Impact paint – Grey
Tattered Angels High Impact Metallic Paint – Copper
chipboard house by Maya Road
mod podge
scissors, paper trimmer, hole punch

Start by painting on your first coat of the Grey High Impact Paint onto the chipboard windows and door.

I like to label all my sides when working with a dimensional item; so you will see the numbers on the back of the paper and each side of the cottage. I then trim down the pattern paper and label it with the corresponding side number. This makes it easier when adding the papers to the project using mod podge. Add all the pieces to the building sides and roof. For the roof I used binder clips to secure in place as it was drying because of the raised center of the roof line.

Add a second layer of paint onto the windows and door. Set them aside to dry as you work on final touches of the house. 

I added Copper paint along the roof edge to tie in with the copper roof paper. Use liquid adhesive to add the window and door to the house. I used a hole punch to cut a doorknob from the roofing paper to tie the entire house’s look together.

I love my little cottage and it proudly sits on the side table.
I hope this project has encouraged you to check out the Mixed Media paper packs for all the Canvas Corp lines…it is a great way to get a sampling of papers that are amazing for all your projects!
Happy crafting!   Lynda

Monday, March 25, 2019

Spring Pots with Tattered Angels paints.

Today I'm sharing with you these fabulous pots I made using Tattered Angels High Impact paint, texture paste, and white glue...

For this pot I based the entire pot in the tan High Impact paint.   Let that base coat dry completely before moving on to the next step.  Next coat the pot with white glue and while still tacky painted over it with the turquoise color. Heat the surface with a heat tool to create the crackle effect.  The thicker the glue, the bigger the cracks...  I like to make the glue thicker in some places so the cracking and striping look more random.

For this pot, I used the turquoise High Impact paint as the base coat.  I also trimmed the very top rim with copper High Impact paint. I added copper paint to some texture paste and added it to the pot to add lots of texture. Once the paint and texture paste are fully dry, I added a layer of white glue.  While the glue was still tacky, I painted over it with a layer of turquoise High Impact paint. I then heated the entire pot surface with the heat tool and the crackle happened showing through all the great colors and textures.  It really looks like patina on metal!

There are some wonderful painted pot ideas featured on the Canvas Corp Blog!!

Happy crafting...Lynda