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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Moving on up girls both take karate lessons...and right now I have a blue belt and a purple belt in my house.  (along with my dh who is a yellow belt, but we won't talk about that....)  With the increase in belt ranks both girls needed to switch teachers (Sensei) and class times....neither were that happy about doing that.  Both girls had been lucky to have Sensei Diane as their first instructor and youngest wanted to give her a special thank you for all she has done for her.

What better image to use than the Karate girl from Chi Chi Memories for my project???

I colored her to look like my youngest; complete with the blue belt.  The fun background is made with this amazing washi tape that I had in my stash....I love that it has all the belt colors in it...perfect!!!

Youngest really likes her new instructor...he is quite funny when he is teaching and makes the kids laugh a lot.  Oldest is still deciding about her new teacher, but they both miss their first karate instructor a lot.

Happy crafting...Lynda

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