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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Love Campaign

Well the uber talented Susan Weckesser has a Christmas Love Campaign that she does each year.  You can read all about it here in this post on her blog.

I am all about doing thing that encourage others and love random acts of kindness.  The girls and I a few years ago took the challenge that Melody Ross and the Brave Girls Club put out there and printed their Random Words of Kindness and spread them around the was totally a blast.  At first the girls weren't sure they wanted to do it...then after seeing the expressions on peoples faces they wanted to print more and go out again!

My oldest daughter's middle school does a service program that requires 10 hours of volunteer time in acts for others.  My daughter is knitting hats for newborn babies for a local hospital.  Last Christmas I got each girl a knifty knitter loom after they watched me make hats and scarves for family and friends for Christmas.  So this hat making is the perfect fit for her and she is loving picking out special soft yarn for the babies.

Our elementary school held a Cookies with Santa event a few weeks ago.  There was no chair for the event and they were looking for help.  Someone stepped up to be the chair and I volunteered to do as much as I could (with my broken elbow)...  I helped with the graphics for the posters and flyers for the kids.  I also volunteered to decorate the mailbox for the letters to Santa.  I used these wonderful free clipart printables from Dover Pictura.  I printed the images and my youngest pulled out her markers and went to town.  I covered the mailbox with white butcher paper and then we ran each image through the sticker machine.  They were then all added to the mailbox.  The kids LOVED the box and it was stuffed full of cute letters to Santa.  I then took all the letters to the Macy's mailbox and sent them all on their way to the North Pole.

Here is our decorated mailbox...I think it was great and I know that creating it for the kids was a wonderful way to share some Christmas Love!!!

Happy crafting...Lynda

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Janelle Marks said...

Hi Lynda,
I'm Janelle from the Artistcellar design team. You entered the blog hop to win the new TEXTures stencil and you have won from commenting on my post. Please contact me or Lisa at Artistcellar and leave your contact info, so she can send you the stencils.
PS the mailbox is really cute.