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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Whew...taking a deep breathe....

It has been a wicked busy week. The family and I went to Disneyland on vacation...we got back on Sunday and it has been non-stop time at the school.... I am designing the set for the first grade musical and it is a LOT of work...on top of that I am doing a bunch of art projects with the kiddos in the first grade and then there is my time with the third grade class...

I really wouldn't have it any other way as the teachers really need the help and any chance I get to do art makes my heart as I sit here with watercolor stained fingers and type this message I am smiling because there are now 24 watercolored coffee filter butterflies floating in the classroom in celebration of Spring and Earth day!!!

Now...I've also been busy with designing things...I entered a contest; a Zentagle contest...having never done one of these fancy doodles before I was a bit intimidated by the idea, but decided you can't win if you don't here was my first Zentagle...will find out next week if I win a prize:
and then there are projects that use the new ever delish Fairytopolis line just released by Crafters Companion...I shared this card on their blog this week:

I have a few other projects that are ready to photograph for Paper Patch Crafts as'll be seeing those in the next few days...

Don't forget my blog candy post...follow the instructions and you could win some goodies!!

Happy crafting....Lynda

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Mikal said...

Make sure to take time to spoil yourself a little bit too sweets!

The school is so blessed to have you and all your help!