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Friday, November 19, 2010

Yikes...playing catch up because of this icky cold/flu thing

So...we've been passing around this cough cold/flu thing between all of us this week...had one home from school one day kind of lost track of blog posting, but did take a few pictures and wrote in my journal about my item of gratitude for each here's my recap:

Monday - day fifteen

Monday I was grateful for living so close to the doctors office....not having to travel far when I have a sick kiddo makes me very happy. I am grateful that our doctors take the time to talk to the kid as well as the parent and that it is just a virus that she has...nothing in her lungs at this point! Yeah

Tuesday - day sixteen

Today I am grateful that we have this crazy dog that seems to know just when to act silly to make me when she lays down like a fish:

Wednesday - day seventeen

Today I am grateful that my oldest dd loves to dance as much as she does and that I was able to take these pictures of her dressed for her performance in a few weeks...and we also had our holiday photos taken lots of great pictures all around today:

and the crazy outtakes:

Thursday - day eighteen
Today I am grateful for volunteering in the classrooms with the girls. To get to spend time with the kiddos and meet their friends is awesome!!!

Friday - day nineteen
Today I am grateful for being able to get busy on our holiday cards...made some of these two types...we have about 5 different types that we are making this we don't get bored coloring them all in...

What have you been grateful for this week?????
Happy crafting...Lynda (we're on snow watch...which means it won't snow, but we can still make hot cocoa and look out the window a LOT!)


Mikal said...

LOVE you cute Christmas cards!!

Hope everyone is feeling back to normal after a cozy weekend at home.

Hugs to you!!

chrissy said...

hi beautiful.
darling girls!

did you draw those wonderful girls on your cards?

so neat!