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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

New day full of gratitude the weather here in the Seattle area was warm and sunny....65 about an amazing day...and lookie lookie what is happening on my deck...blooming again:

the begonias in a few of my pots have started to bloom again...and the tiny little pink flowers in the other planter are blooming as well... I know it won't last, but today I am ever so grateful for the small signs that sometimes there is life again when given the right ingredients!!!

I also was lucky enough to chat with my gal Jen; even sat outside on the deck to enjoy the weather...perfect!!! So grateful to have met such an amazing woman at Brave Girls Camp!!

What are you grateful for today???

Happy crafting....Lynda

1 comment:

Kolleen said...

i am grateful that you and Jen talked and you were able to enjoy the outdoors!!!

isn't amazing the friendships that were formed at BGC. i just really enjoy watching them all take flight!!!