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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Daily gratitude photos...playing catch up...

So my friend Kolleen has thrown down a challenge to take a single picture each day for the entire month of November of what you are grateful for each day... well yesterday I took my picture, but then we had puppy training class last night and I didn't get the image off the camera until today...along with my picture for today.
So...yesterday I was ever so grateful for:

Netflix instant queue and being able to watch the Tudors...we don't have Showtime, so this is my new catch up on these series shows that I have never seen... even my dh is enjoying the all the costumes and sets... (and I've been able to avoid all the negative campaign ads in the process!!!)

Today...I am grateful for this delish healthy bread that both the girls chow down's wonderful right out of the package...warmed with a little butter...warmed with a little honey...just warm...

I was so sad when one store I shopped at stopped stocking it...searched high and low and found it at another I make a special stop once a week for this yummy treat!!
What are you grateful for? Take a picture and post it...join in the fun...
Happy crafting.....Lynda

1 comment:

Kolleen said...

yay!!! i love that you are playing along!!!

i must say that bread looks DEEEE-LICIOUS!!! i would love a big slice warm with butter melting and a little cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on top!!!

looking forward to see what day 3 brings!!