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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Echo park and Bayley Rose

We got a puppy!!! She's been with us for over a week is the recap of how she came to be ours...

On Saturday, August 14th we decided to go to a car show that featured just 1933 and 1934 Plymouths....while we were down there I asked if we were just going to take a drive out to the breeders to see the Cavachons... I have been in contact with her and we've been watching videos on her facebook page and looking at her puppy pictures for a few weeks... dh said "sure why not" off we went... we only had the clothes on our backs, so it was truly an adventure. We called Kristy and let her know we were heading that way... and rolled into Spokane around 6:30 Saturday evening....good thing dh thought to call at lunch to find us a hotel room because we got the last room they had anywhere since there was a soccer tournament going on that weekend...yikes... we ended up with a suite with a jacuzzi tub in the room...the girls were PUMPED!!! We also had to hit Walmart to, well basically, buy new everything for everyone...socks, get the picture...and a kennel for our maybe dog.

On Sunday morning, we headed north to Rice to look at the puppies...we had to call Kristie to get directions since our map wouldn't even find her address....and then she informed us that there is no cell phone service up there...we're talking out in the boonies folks!!! We hit their farm and were met by this little ball of fluff that was just as cute as can be and all wiggly... it was Bayley from the videos that we had seen... she was lively, sweet, and full of spunk... we looked at all the puppies, but soon agreed that Bayley was the right dog for us..

Her mother is a registered Bischon and her father is a registered Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She is five and a half months old...almost fully crate and house trained...and delightful beyond words. I have some new subject matter for my scrapbook pages and was inspired to create a few things with some of the pictures I took the first few days...

both these layouts feature Echo Park Life is Good pattern papers, cardstock stickers, and the matching alphabet stickers. These papers are awesome and seem to go with everything!!!

I am sure she'll be the featured face on a few more projects...seems like my mojo has returned!!! Thanks Bayley!!

Happy crafting....Lynda


Papertrails by a paper lover said...

Oh how cute! sounds a trip that you or girls will forever remember!

Stacy said...

What great pics and layouts. She will be their best friend :)

mustangkayla said...

Cute photos! Your girls look sososo happy! Cute layouts!