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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Not just a garage sale...but a crafty garage sale

Come join the fun as a bunch of local scrapbookers and crafters get together to sell off their extra stash of goodies.....we're talking cardstock, pattern paper, magazines, chipboard, brads, stickers, bling....and these are just my things that I've packed up so far....

Hope to see you there.... March 20 10am-1pm!!!!

Happy crafting (and purging)....Lynda


mustangkayla said...

I left a message on Kims blog. I wish I lived closer than Central Oregon, I'd be there in a heart beat! I'd even make it a girls trip if we weren't moving this weekend!

Lora Oliver said...

Oh!! To live closer! I know a few peeps in the Evergreen State, I will send them your way.

JoanneK said...

How cool!!! Hope you make loads of $$$$ to buy new Scrappy goodies of course! ;-)
Have fun!