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Saturday, March 06, 2010

It's time for the Bunny Hop Crop!!!

Today is the day!!! The Bunny Hop Crop at Kit'n Kaboodles is going on today!!! Yeah!!!

To help get this party going we are also having a small blog hop if you found me coming from the uber talented Linda's're doing great...if you didn't start at the KreativeKaboodles sure to go here so you don't miss a single thing...

So as many of you know I am always on the lookout for project to make with my girls and this cute pinwheel card was just the thing to kick off Spring!!

To make this card you need pattern paper cut to 4x4. For my card I wanted it to look the same on both sides, so I cut two pieces of the fantastic Nikki Silvis U R My Favorite U R Pretty/U R My Heart Paper.

First, fold the paper corner to corner to create a triangle; then fold across the other way creating an X shape in the center of your paper. You next need to cut about two inches along each of the fold lines. You'll then poke a single hole in the center of the paper and on one point of each triangle closest to the cut.

Next, you take a brad and put it through each hole in the points and then finally through the center; to create the spokes on your pinwheel....looking like this:

I rolled a piece of white paper to create my "stick" for my pinwheel and printed my sentiment onto white paper.

I hope you'll give this a's a fun way to celebrate the arrival of Spring!!

be sure to Hop on over to Pam's blog for your next stop along the hop.... (did you find your word here on my blog...if not...take another peek.....)

Happy crafting....Lynda


Roz said...

whoooo---hooooo! Hoppin in to say Hello! Love your pinwheel, it definitely says "springtime is coming"
Love ya!

mustangkayla said...

Such a fun project! My moms always looking for ideas for craft night at the school she teaches at. These would be perfect!

Linda Elbourne said...

Loving your pin wheel ... great colours and a great card X

Shazza said...

love this wheel

Amy said...

Lovin' that pinwheel! I am totally making these with my girls, they'll love it :) Was great cropping with you today!!

marcibun said...

Totally cute card, I love this :)

wendyp said...

Super cute!! I have to try making one of those pinwheels!

Valerie Chmielak said...

That is a SUPER cute idea for a card!

sarah said...

CUUUUUUUUTE card, lynda! oh, and we need to talk about some future fun stuff. ;)