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Friday, June 26, 2009

I got a blog awared from Joanie that I forgot to pass along...
I am suppose to pass this awared along to 7 others that inspire here I go:
2. Jana
3. Amy
5. Stacey aka cupcakemomcolorado
7. Val aka twinsmommy
Each of you has inspired me to look at my papercrafting in a new create more from the heart, and most of enjoy this crazy art we all love so very much!!!
Happy crafting....Lynda


Joanie said...

Ditto Lynda! You have inspired all of us too!!!!!!

Jana Eubank said...

Oh, my gosh! THANK YOU, Lynda! You are so flippin' sweet! :D

Valerie Chmielak said...

AWE!!! Thanks Lynda!! I find you SO VERY inspiring!!