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Saturday, June 27, 2009

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From the I Am A Scrapaholic June kit...

This rubon quote on this page seems to have to much more meaning this week after the loss of so many famous celebrities. I watched the Farrah's Story movie last night and through tears found myself really thinking about her final question "How are you?".... I was so touched and moved by her strength and courage to fight in her battle with cancer... I am in awe of her strength and determination....and the love that she and Ryan shared.... truly beautiful.

Then to think of how much dance has been changed by what Michael Jackson brought to the art... knowing how very much both my girls love to dance and how it changed because of his influence....amazing. He was an oustanding artist and will be dearly missed.

So...this has been a sad and also wonderful week. A reminder to truly live in the moment, to appreciate the gifts you have been given, and to slow down to actually enjoy them.

I'm going to do all these things today...I ran errands with my little one (we had cart races at Staples...shhhhh don't tell the store manager on us!)....have a reading date with my oldest when she gets back from horseback riding lessons, I'm going to make brownies for dh, and am scrapbooking later today with my very good friend who celebrated her birthday yesterday.... Happy Birthday Kristie!!!

I hope you have an amazing day!!! Lynda

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Sherry said...

Lynda, she is adorable! Great layout, too. Hope all is well with you.