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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy holidays!!!

Well we don't get snow in the Seattle least not like the snow we've been getting this past week...and it's snowing again we're getting a white Christmas...

This is the view from my front we've been sticking tight at home because the roads are just too bad to get out and up the hills here...and the only way out is up and then we're pretty much least it's pretty to look at:

I grew up back East in Maryland where they actually plowed the roads and used chemical agents like salt to get rid of compact snow and ice.... we heard on the news last night that King County where we live is not using salt because it is harsh and not enviornmentally friendly...they also said that they have a "soft tip" on their snow plows to not damage the roads...all this means they haven't been doing much of anything except putting down sand to try and help the roads...and what I am now calling "licking" the snow from the very surface with their "soft tip" plow... I say dig down to the pavement and actually scrape off the roads PEOPLE!!! venting is done...I just think it's kind of crazy how ill-prepared the county and port were for dealing with the snow...

We're suppose to warm up a bit and then get rain this weekend, so we'll be on the look out for flooding next...I can deal with water though...just get in the truck and drive through it... so I may be able to get to some of the after-Christmas sales!!!

All this family time has put a damper on my crafting time...I have gotten a bit of my organizational project started though...I did go through all the kit club boxes that have been stacking up in my room and sorted through everything...chipboard in one pile, rubons in another..... I have to say that I have quite a collection going here...

I wish you a wonderful magical holiday and may you be surrounded by those you love!

Peace be with you!

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