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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Here we go a-blogging

Here I go again...blogging about my blogging... I posted again to the Picture It Made Design Team blog...part of our design team rotation is posting ideas and other projects to the blog once every six you can see my second set of ideas for this round here:

I have to say that it is fun to contribute to a shared blog for a lot of is fun to have all the writing styles, project ideas, and general contributions... it will be fun to watch the blog evolve over be sure to check back often as it is updated weekly by a different design team member!!!

Happy Thursday!!

Now....over at Dixie Pieces Kim Holmes issued a challenge to blog the ABC's about here goes mine:

A Authentic
B Balanced
C Cat owner
D Dedicated
E Early-riser
F Flower lover
G Gardner
H Honest
I Independent
J Joyful
K Kind
L Loving
M Mama of two
N Non-fat xtra caramel latte drinker
O Online too much
P Photographer
Q Quiet
R Reality show watcher
S Scrapbooker
T Treadmill runner
U Up late to scrapbook
V Very grateful for my life
W Wife
X Xtra cheese pizza eater
Y Young at heart
Z Zoo member

Thanks Kim...that was fun!!

1 comment:

michellen said...

Thanks Lynda. I love the ABC Challenge - what a great way to make us stop and think about ourselves once in a while. Are we allowed to "bloglift"?!? LOL

Have a great weekend!