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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Upon turning six....

I am often reminded as I sit with my oldest dd at night when it's time for bed that there are so many lessons in life that are yet to be learned when you are only 5. At some point, we have all learned that the world does not indeed revolve around us....that is best at times to put others first....that begging for dessert does not always work. As we are on the edge of her turning 6, I realize that so many of these lessons we have yet to experience... my baby is growing up in front of me...learning so many of life lessons without my even realizing that they are even being taught.

There are also lessons that I would not have thought I would have to teach. Do not eat anything from a garbage bag; even if it is chocolate...this lesson was leaned just this past week as I came in to find both girls running from my craft room saying "Nothing, nothing"... and both smelling like chocolate... I had found chocolate tucked into an older crop bag...tossed it in the garbage bag in my room and did not think I would have to instruct my otherwise intelligent children to not eat from the trash.

There is the "don't pick the cat up from the head" lesson...also reinforced by Stinkbug who I believe reinforced that lesson with a rather sharp ending...

There is the "don't put Vick's anywhere on your body but your chest" lesson...that one I believe will not ever have to be repeated!!! (it hurt me to see that one!) my baby turns six and I find myself saying more and more of those infamous "Mom" lines such as "clean your plate; keep you feet off the back of my chair while I'm driving; stop picking on your sister..."... I have yet so many lessons to learn right along with you my little one. Together we'll find our way. The perfect balance for us.

I only hope that I can be the Mama that you deserve me to be. I hope for this with every fiber of my being.... I want you to have all the love and support that a child deserves from their parent. I read in a book once that you dream that your child will have the childhood that you did not have... I can see this being very true. I will not lie and say that I do not struggle every day with overcoming the type of parenting that was modeled for me....I do. we come up on your sixth birthday...I'm going to give myself an A so far being your Mama...and give you an A so far for being an almost six year old.

We are both doing our personal best...and that truly is the best lesson either of us could learn!

Happy almost 6th Birthday fill my world with such joy and delight...and the three things that I have said to you every night when I tuck you in since you were born:

I love you very much.
I think you can be anything you want to be.
I am so very lucky to be your Mama


Suzanne said...

Snivel! Lynda, that totally needs to be on a soon to be layout! Beautiful... Happy birthday little one! :-)

Joy Madison said...

Happy almost 6th birthday baby pops!

Marci Knecht said...

Excellent lessons, all of them. 6 years old already - my, how the time does fly. Happy almost Birthday sweetums!

michelle said...

Time does fly, doesn't it? Happy almost 6th birthday!