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Monday, March 25, 2019

Spring Pots with Tattered Angels paints.

Today I'm sharing with you these fabulous pots I made using Tattered Angels High Impact paint, texture paste, and white glue...

For this pot I based the entire pot in the tan High Impact paint.   Let that base coat dry completely before moving on to the next step.  Next coat the pot with white glue and while still tacky painted over it with the turquoise color. Heat the surface with a heat tool to create the crackle effect.  The thicker the glue, the bigger the cracks...  I like to make the glue thicker in some places so the cracking and striping look more random.

For this pot, I used the turquoise High Impact paint as the base coat.  I also trimmed the very top rim with copper High Impact paint. I added copper paint to some texture paste and added it to the pot to add lots of texture. Once the paint and texture paste are fully dry, I added a layer of white glue.  While the glue was still tacky, I painted over it with a layer of turquoise High Impact paint. I then heated the entire pot surface with the heat tool and the crackle happened showing through all the great colors and textures.  It really looks like patina on metal!

There are some wonderful painted pot ideas featured on the Canvas Corp Blog!!

Happy crafting...Lynda

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