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Monday, December 02, 2013

A few fun things and a not so fun thing...

So last Sunday I was out spending some quality time with my oldest (code for she was on restriction for not doing some school work and couldn't go horseback riding with her sister)...  when we were leaving a store she kicked the back of my feet and I fell face first flat onto the pavement...  After all these years I have never had a broken bone...until now...  a broken elbow.  Now at first they had me in this mid-hand to shoulder splint thing that made my arm look like it I was mid-transformation into the HULK...  HUGE!!!  After going to see the Orthopedic guy he said it was a clean break and that he wanted it to hang to  he said otherwise the joint tends to get super stiff and you end up with pain forever...  so I opted for no cast and temporary pain...  (I did get some good meds though!)  So I'm learning how to do things with just one arm and minimal use of the other.

Of course this happens right before Thanksgiving and all the holiday decorating that needs to get done.  I have still been able to get a good number of things done, but am trying my best to just let my arm rest and not over work it.

I go the front porch decorated today.  Each year I make a wreath for the porch using branches that have come down in the yard.  We typically get a good wind storm a few weeks into November and just as predicted I had enough to make a wreath.  I also bough this evergreen garland at the Christmas tree farm, so I used it to cover our deck railing.  Last year I made wonderful snowflakes with popsicle sticks:

and this one for the large window:

so this year I have been thinking about what I could do a little different for the front door.  So I came up with the idea to make it look like Santa's coat.  Our door is red and has a section toward the middle that is flat, so I covered that section with black cardstock; then added the gold cardstock strips to look like a belt buckle.  I think it turned out super cute:

well...that's our decorating update...can't leave it there without showing you Bayley girl decked out in her Seahawks jersey for the game tonight...go Hawks...the 12th dog is rooting for you!!!  (and hoping that a bunch of chips fall out of the bowl in all the excitement!)

Happy crafting....Lynda

ETA:  If you happened upon my blog because of a comment from a blog hop...sorry for them being short and sweet...only having one good arm/hand makes typing kind of hard, so lots of right handed letter usage...  and for those that have word verification on...ugh...I don't like those when I have two good arms...and dread them with one good one...

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