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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pssttt... time to share a secret....

I'm the new Inspiration Team Champion for Red Rubber Designs!!!  I am so excited that I was about to burst not being able to share my news!!!!!

If you aren't familiar with Red Rubber Designs it's time you come out from under your rock and check out their amazing images for all kinds of paper crafting!!!  They have amazing red rubber stamps and red rubber digital images.  You can find all your stamping needs in both of those stores!!!

So be on the lookout for new challenges coming at you in the new year...and if you are reading this I expect you to participate!!!

Happy crafting....Lynda

I almost forgot to tell I cam back to add....  Red Rubber Designs is having a HUGE Inventory Blow Out sure to check out all the amazing savings that can be found here!!!

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