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Sunday, January 08, 2012

A little of this...and a little of that...

We made it safely to California and back just after Christmas.  I have to say that the weather totally cooperated and we had sunny skies the entire time we were driving...just a wee bit of mist and heavy fog the day we went to San Francisco.  The kids and the dog did wonderful in the car for the just short of 900 miles down and the same back...whew!!  The new truck ran like a dream and was so comfortable.

Today we celebrated the Princess' tenth hard to believe that my baby is ten!!! exactly does that happen?

Where did this face go?  (the first Santa photo...not happy...and that is even with her sitting on dh...see his hand and part of his brown coat sticking out?)

and here she is on the carousel on Pier 39 in San Francisco...the smile is for me and the fact that she was riding on a giant panda...her favorite animal...

did get a small bit of stamping done this weekend...had to make a birthday card for the decided to make one that represented her...she LOVED it...and it is so her...she stands out!!!

and then got a start on a Valentine card idea....

and wrapped it up with stamping a holiday card...couldn't resist using this snowman one more time...tucked it away for sending out next year (this is a test to see if I can find it next Christmas to send!)

I hope the new year is treating you well and that you find some time to create something colorful this week...

I will be cleaning and reorganizing my craft room...doing a Crafty Garage Sale on February time to thin the herd a bit and make room for new things...(and yes, all crafters say we're going to do that all the time..this time for sure!)  :o)

Happy crafting....Lynda

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