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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Cards I've been meaning to post

There has been a LOT of card making going on here at our house lately... I think it's the turn in the weather...a bit cooler the last few weeks and the stamps have been coming out and everyone has been playing with Mama's cool Copic markers... yes, I do let my kids use them....I think it's great to let them learn to appreciate fine art materials and how to treat them properly... and then politely hand them their markers... :o)

Here are a few of the recent cards:

These cards will be mailed in to support the Hope you Can Cling to it challenge over at Splitcoast Stampers in support of the UT MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas. These little cuties will be off in the mail along with a pile of others for patients to be able to use when needed.

It feels good to create something that can help someone that needs a little something...

Happy crafting...Lynda

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