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Sunday, February 13, 2011

A hat for a sweet girl

So...I've been making hats a lot lately....these are totally fun to make...and even more fun to give as a gift.... for this hat I made a cute flower in a contrasting color...she LOVES it...and I think she is just the cutest hat model ever!!!

I have been so busy with preparations for the first grade Valentines party the past week, that I have hardly had time to do anything else. We made heart mobiles on Thursday last week and had a complete glitter fest in the hall outside the classroom. I then hung them all near the window so they would twirl in the sunlight...the whole room looks magical just with that one project.

For the party we are going to decorate cookies (which I baked with kiddo help yesterday), make Valentines, play bingo, play a word memory game, and make these cute short pencil heart people. I also have a necklace and bookmark project that they will complete. I had my kiddos help prep the rest of the things today. I had parents send me a special valentine note for their student and I added them to special Valentines that I will stick in their mailboxes when they aren't looking...I thought it would be sweet to get a special Valentine from their family at school.

I hope all goes as planned tomorrow...whew I think I'll need a nap when it's all done....but I wouldn't have it any other way...they are only 6 once and Valentines is still so fun for them all.

Happy crafting...Lynda

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