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Friday, December 10, 2010

It's guest designer time...and an update

So sorry I haven't been posting on my blog much at all lately...we have been passing around a terrible case of bronchitis around the family and it finally hit me...mine of course developed into I've been a bit under the weather and pretty much pooped out lately...

I did get some projects done and had to wait to share them because they are for some guest design is the first that I can share...

Today I am the guest designer at the Helmar blog!!! So excited to be sharing a few adhesive projects...

A common saying here in our house is "give it to Mama...she can fix it" and I find myself reaching for Helmar adhesives for a LOT of my rescue projects. Most recently the new puppy decided to play with a stuffed animal and her eye came out...Helmar to the rescue...the next morning the black and white puppy was good as new thanks to Helmar's gemstone glue!

Here is what he looked like before his Helmar repair....and after!!

Thank you Helmar for coming to the rescue!!!

Tis the season to start making gifts and each year I try and come up with new ideas for teacher gifts that the girls and I can make together. This year we decided to make ornaments.

I picked up some paper mache ornaments for $.89 at the local craft store. I gathered my supplies, my Helmar Acid free glue, paintbrush, glitter, and tray to catch the glitter.

I first squeeze some of the glue out onto a piece of cardboard. I then paint the glue onto the ornament.

Once the entire surface is covered dump your desired glitter color onto the glue; carefully tapping off the excess. Wait for each color to dry completely before moving to the next color. For my ornament I used pink, green, and yellow glitter.

These make great gifts for the holidays and are great kid projects!

I hope you have enjoyed this holiday ornament never know...there may be another idea that shows up on the Helmar blog later this month by me??? :o)

Happy crafting....Lynda


Lora Oliver said...

So glad you were able to rescue the pooch! The ornament idea is GREAT!!! Thank you, it was exactly the inspiration I needed for something. I hope you and the fam feel much better soon.

BonnieRose said...

these ornaments are gorgeous... wow.. .love them!!!! Great job!