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Friday, November 05, 2010 five...still going strong

So...Friday's always seem to come way too fast in the week...trying to get everything done that needs to be done around the house so I can have two days to just play, play, play with the rest of the family while they are home... I am grateful to my reliable friend Mr. Cuisinart... every morning at a little after six he greets me with five little beeps that tell me my liquid wakeup call is ready to go... and a few hours later he gives me a few beeps to tell me it's last call for the morning brew unless I click the button again (and yes, I am a double clicker most mornings)...

so...thank you Mr. Cuisinart...I am grateful that I have found a reliable morning support system...that you wake me with your gentle reminder and keep my coffee warm long after everyone has left for the day....

What are you grateful for today?

Today I am putting another layer of Gesso on a few mini canvas pieces I picked up earlier this year...hope to dig out the paints later today and get busy... oh yeah...need to take a picture of that cute little hedgehog too....they have decided it needs to be a I need to add pink to the cheeks and a bow (so I've been told...not sure I can make a bow that tiny though)

Did you see my cute mitten card over at the Buttons & Bows blog on Wednesday??? If not, you can look there...or here:

I've become a shaped card freak I think...making shaped everything these days... Kristy's hand made buttons are just delish...and she is so creative with her sure to check them out in her Etsy store!

Happy crafting.....Lynda


mustangkayla said...

Super cute card! Love the shape, the embossing and the button!

wendyp said...

Adorable card!!