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Friday, April 24, 2009

Being a Mom contest...

A local jewlery store is having a are to write in 500 words or less what being a Mom means to you. The prize is a kids keepsake necklace that features a charm for each child.

I first thought about just writing the word "work" 500 times....but I sat down and thought about all the things that make being a Mom so great....

What being a Mom means to me.

Being a Mom means that I now have the most important job in the world.
Being a Mom means that I watch a huge part of my heart drive away on the school bus each day. Being a Mom means that I get to watch my wonderful husband as he becomes an amazing father to my children.
Being a Mom means that I have riches beyond compare; counting my wealth in hugs and kisses.
Being a Mom means that I look at the world around me in a whole new way.
Being a Mom means each day is an adventure.
Being a Mom means on any given day I can have marker stains on my hands and paint in my hair; before noon.
Being a Mom means that my to-do list is never done.
Being a Mom means “because” is a good enough answer.
Being a Mom means that some days I am a chef, chauffer, nurse, cheerleader, teacher, judge, spokesperson, confidant, stain-master, cushion, architect, seamstress, fortuneteller, secret agent, psychiatrist, archeologist, researcher, and Wonder woman.
Being a Mom means making mistakes and learning from them.
Being a Mom means learning a new level of patience each day.
Being a Mom means knowing when to let your kids fall so you can pick them up.
Being a Mom means trusting your instincts to guide you.
Being a Mom means saying “no”.
Being a Mom means giving every little last bit and finding more when you hear them call in the middle of the night.
Being a Mom means sitting in the audience and watching my baby in her first ballet recital and realizing that she isn’t a baby anymore.
Being a Mom means sleeping on the floor when your child is sick.
Being a Mom means reading every label to know what you are giving them.
Being a Mom means playing games and being a kid all over again.
Being a Mom means I will never be unemployed again.
Being a Mom means reading the same story over and over again as if for the first time.
Being a Mom means slowing down to look at every rock on the sidewalk.
Being a Mom means smiling at the sound of running feet down the stairs.
Being a Mom means not stepping on a crack; it just might break my back!
Being a Mom means taking a million photos so I never forget a single moment.
Being a Mom means sneaking into your room on my way to bed each night to hear you snore, and lingering for just a few extra moments.
Being a Mom means success. I have finally found my calling, my purpose in life. I am a Mom to two amazing girls that bring me more joy than I ever could have imagined. I love to hear “Mom” and know it’s ME!

wish me luck...I'm dropping off my entry on my way home from the preschool today!


JoanneK said...

Beautifully said! Good luck with the contest Lynda!

Joanie said...

I love it Lynda!!! It had me smiling, nodding my head and getting a lump in my throat! Good luck!!!!