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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Final week of the Mafia Scrap Wars

This was the final week of challenges in the Mafia Scrap Wars game going on over at Scrap Street this month... For my last challenge KT put the hit on me with this challenge:

So here is the hit that was put on me....

Gotta do a layout in one main colour and minimum amounts (say 33% ) of white and black (or cream and brown - you know to be kind!)
easy huh?
gotta use the following: 1 plain paper or cardstock and 4 patterned papers (main colour and min colours only)
1 big title (minimum colour 1) and 1 sub title (minimum colour 2)
I want string on it ( give a girl enough rope...... )
Must have a screw/nail/washer (you choose) on it (the metal variety!)
I want a piece of hand stitching on it in one of the minimum colours
4 other embellishments of your choice in the colours you chose
NO journalling visible, but it must be there somewhere!!
...... oh yeah and the theme.......REVENGE!!!

So...for my layout my subject for revenge is the battle between Old Man Winter and Mother Nature....

I have to say...I really like how it turned out!!!

I am a bit sad that the challenges are over...the Sticky Fingers Gang lasted until the end.....picking up extra members along the way... the winners will be announced keep your fingers crossed I am a Top Boss!!


Marci Knecht said...

It's brilliant! You rocked it ;)

Tricia said...

you nailed this one!!!!!