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Monday, March 10, 2008

Feeling blue

I'm not sure if it's the change from our sunny bit of weather back to the rain...but I'm feeling very blue...gloomy...just overall sadness... I can normally snap myself right out of this quickly, but not this weekend...could also be that dh is getting ready to be gone for a long trip and I'll be doing the single parent thing...which is always extremely hard...just knowing that I have no backup can be stressful in itself!

So, I came down to my craft room to open a box of goodies that I got on Saturday...that normally makes me feel all warm and fuzzy...and I did feel a bit better; all the yummy papers that are in the kit inside that box got my brain moving on some ideas ...then this very strange sound filled the house...not sure what it was, so I ran upstairs to find Little Miss being uber creative with the Sit-n-Spin...why sit on your bottom...when you can spin around on your of course I grabbed my camera and snapped some shots...

Needless to say...I am smiling at the way that a child can find a new way to use even the simplest of toys for even more fun... I am challenging myself to look for new ways to have fun with what I already have around me...look never know what I'll discover!! (and I can't do the sit-n-spin like that...I get dizzy too quickly because of my inner ear thing, so it won't involve any form of spinning!)

Go have some fun...and have a great day!!

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