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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Run....don't walk over for a Pink Experience...

So...the new Live Pink area of the Pink Paislee website is up and running and it is soooo much fun... Here is the link so you can set up an account and check it sure to add me as your friend!!!

Today the Princess had a birthday party to go while she was bouncing herself into a frenzy...I got to run errands...doesn't sound that fun, but I got everything done and had time to stop at the Paper Zone too!! Wowzers!! I found some great things on their clearance section...and I can say that it was the best part of my adventure out.

Speaking of great clearance prices...I picked up three shirts for me and the girls on the Valentine clearance section at Target earlier this week...all three for $4.50!!! Love a great sale like that...

To celebrate my great buy I set the timer and took our picture in the matching shirts to send to dh at here we are...aren't we cute!!

Have a great evening!!


Marci Knecht said...

You're very cute!

Amanda Ann said...

Live Pink is so much fun!!!
Those shirts are GREAT!!! I tried to make it to my Target in time to get some cute shirts, but I was too late. I got my daughter a few cute pirates ones after Halloween. :)

wendy said...

Cute picture!

I love Target...I need to find my way there tonight and scope out the deals!!