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Saturday, April 27, 2019

Watercolor practice

So for my birthday I asked for a subscription to a monthly watercolor kit.  This kit is delivered each month and contains 4 paint along packages; which include paper, paint, and the outline for each project.  Each week there is a paint along night and step by step tutorial videos that go along with each package.    The idea for me was it was a dedicated night to paint; which was then replaced with swim practice, choir concerts, art classes across sum it schedules have gotten in the way.  Well I finally started playing...

Well I've been practicing and the girls and I painted the fall island together:

I think we did amazingly well considering this was our first attempt.  We used cutting mats from the kitchen as boards for our paper to be taped to and were able to watch the tutorial from the Youtube video on the large tv in the living room; which made it super fun!

This was my second robin painting and I think I am finally starting to get the hang of it.  I of course see all the things I would and should do differently next time, but that is what art's an expression and takes practice. 

So I'll be rinsing out my brushes and practicing a bit more this weekend...good clean watercolor fun.

Happy crafting....Lynda

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