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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Paper Popsicles Paper Wreath How To

It's time for our crop at Paper Popsicles!!! I'm going to share with you the challenge that I issued last night:

Paper Wreath
You will need:[10] – 8x8 pieces of paper or [8] 6x6 pieces of paperStrong adhesive (ATG gun or glue dots work best)Stapler with staplesRibbon, Embellishments, photos, etc...

1. Cut all of your pattern paper in half. Yielding you 20 8x4 sheets or 16 6x3 sheets. Create a pattern with your papers.

2. Take your first sheet of pattern paper and pinch one end together. Secure this pinch with adhesive. Be careful to not make a permanent crease along the piece of paper.

3. Repeat with all pieces of pattern paper.

4. Take two pinched ends and adhere bottoms together. This will give you two connected together at the bottom.

5. Take your stapler and staple the un-pinched sides to one another (at the top).

6. Continue this until you have half a fan completed; ten/eight pinched pieces connected together.

7. Once you have the wreath half-complete; start in the other direction; adhering and stapling until you bring the two sides together

8. Hold your wreath away from you and use adhesive to close up any gaps. This takes a bit of time and you may need to wiggle the pieces to get the shape just right...remember that you are going to add something to the center of the shape, so it doesn't have to be perfect.

9. Now it’s time to decorate your wreath. You can add ribbon, photos, flowers, or any embellishments to finish your beautiful paper wreath!

Here is the final version using the wonderful Pink Paislee Tinsel Town paper from the store:

and the same wreath with a different center...this is one of the postcards from the Tinsel Town collection that can be found here:

...I like this one best! (also did you see the edging I did on the papers; I used the Fiskars Threading Waters punch

Here is one that I did using 8x8 pattern paper:

For everyone that completes a wreath by Monday, November 17 at midnight CST and posts in the Paper Popsicles gallery with a link back to the message board thread your name will be entered into a drawing for a wonderful prize!!!
Want to know what the prize is for the winner....
Tie It On Ribbon Prize
1 box of 6 ribbons by American Crafts
1 package of 8 ribbons by Basic Grey
1 package of 6 mini ribbons by KI Memories
2 packages containing a total of 10 ribbons by P. Inc.
1 Making Memory ribbon

Doesn't Melissa offer up some yummy goodies for these sure to stop by and join in the fun!!!


Linda Beeson said...

I am so glad you shared this creation! Thanks!

Renee' Morris-Dezember said...

This is really pretty - thanks for sharing :)