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Friday, August 08, 2008

What images capture summer?

What images capture the meaning of summer to you??? There have been a lot of discussions on message boards this week about the end of summer now that some kids are going back to school or have already gone back to I'd like to share a few photos of what summer means to me...

We are lucky enough to live where the berry fields are close and crammed full of fresh goodies...just for little hands to take a few!!! The girls once again had a great time selecting and sampling blueberries and raspberries this year. The strawberry season was very odd due to our strange weather...remember our snow on April 21st??? We did end up getting a few from our garden; and I mean like very few!!

What images capture summer to you??? Go get some new pictures of them if it's not too late, or at least journal about them...hurry...the days are getting shorter...yikes!

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Tricia said...

yum yum yummy!